Week 2 of Breads!

Happy Monday..
A little more quiet today,
we made kugelhopf and farmers bread and we started our poolish for baguettes tomorrow.

Lets start with the kugelhopf,
a southern German, Austrian and Alsatian term for a bundt style cake/brioche.
Kugel- meaning ball or globe
Hupf- meaning jump or rise 

It consists of a soft yeast dough which is topped with almonds, and has raisins soaked in Kirsch.
It is baked in a special circular pan which is made only in Alsace, France. It has a central tube, and originally made of enameled pottery. Basically a brioche, but because it is baked in this specific pan it is called a kugelhopf.

Here are some photos:

We also made farmers bread aka. Bread with rye flour and chopped walnuts.
The process was very similar to French bread and equally delicious.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for traditional baguettes and pain au chocolat!


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