Basic Tiered Cakes

Hey Y'all!

I kinda feel like Paula Dean today with all the butter we used in our buttercream cakes lol

I never got to show you the finishing touches we made to our flowers and basic fondant cakes.
I did not put the flowers on my cake because I didnt have space for the dummies in my apartment, so I only kept the flowers. Also, the orchids are being kept for our Croquembouche towers that we will be starting tomorrow.
So Ta-DA!

Wowie, purple overload.....and may I add never to put all the techniques you know on one cake- hence this is just a sampler to teach the class techniques.

Moving on now...

Sponge cake, reminded me of my "nonna" when it came out of the oven, smelt good, but never something I would think to pair with buttercream....but I wasnt about to blabber that out loud so I figured I would wait and taste it myself.
Here are the sponge cakes after baking:

Lets get that baby filled up!
Chef Kristen showing the class how to torte their cakes, fill, crumb coat, final coat and stack:

 I feel like I am in my first class again at Bonnie Gordon's- Baking and Buttercream-sweet memories!

Then we brushed up on some of our piping techniques:

                        My simple buttercream cake-no color-kind of sad.

Then time to taste it- And delicious....but too much sweetness, definitely needing an acidic or bitter offset to all the sugar. But nonetheless the sponge was delicious, and its too bad it cannot be used in multiple tiers of wedding cakes (because its too delicate).

Here are some photos of my fellow students with there cakes:)

Stay tuned for Friday- Croquembouche towers on there way....

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