Does anything ever taste bad? I think NOT!

I wish I could dislike one thing, just one. It all tastes so amazing and authentic.

Today especially, with our flaky pain au chocolat!  I am sure my family will be very excited when I visit back home next weekend because they are in for some tasty treats.
The Pain au Chocolat especially!...hmm hmmm Alessan. lol

       Like we could sell this stuff in the streets...total overload!

We also made 2 different baguettes, same style only learning two different methods.
One with a traditional poolish (a starter) for the bread which we prepped yesterday and allowed to sit over night at room temperature, much more liquid-y and essentially breaks down the sugars more, allowing for a nutty, more caramelized note on the palette. The other starter was a prefermented dough which is much more spongy in texture and lighter. Both delicious, but my preference being the poolish method...go figure the more time consuming method lol- it needs 12 hrs minimum before the dough can be mixed!
All worth it in the end...I am sure my cousins are enjoying those beauties:)

                                          Scoring the baguettes
                                           Watching them bake!

                                          Comparing the crumbs!

We have also started to prep more dough for more croissants..(i know how many can one soul possibly eat...apparently alot! But we did make an almond orange blossom simple syrup to use for them)....and more danishes (I think a different flavor this time, possibly with a pastry cream versus the almond cream)

The more we learn, the better!

Au Revoir!

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