Holy Butter!

My lips are smacking from the oh so delicately, beautiful creations of butter and sugar from today!

Brioche is the word!
So amazing, and made into three variations as if wasn't already good on its own!

1. Brioche loaf- almost resembling a challah style bread
2. Brioche with Streusel- so amazingly soft, sweet and crunchy- ALL AT THE SAME TIME :O
3. Brioche with beesting- an amazing coating of sugar, honey, butter and almonds at the bottom of the brioche that creates a crunchy surface because it has been caramelized.

Here are some photos of them before and after proofing and baking:



We also made blueberry struesel muffins (woa we love streusel!) which we piped into a mini bundt pan and topped with streusel so when popped out the streusel creates a crunchy muffin top like surface.
Here are some photos:

And...if you havent had enough yet....we also made whote wheat bread.
Probably not my favorite bread in the world, but I will take it, the more skills the better!
Each recipe yielded 6 loaves and below I have provided a photo of the before (already proofed) and after. Very nice!

Now that I feel like I am on overload...I have to get a workout in and get prepared for lemon poundcake tomorrow and the start of beignets and croissants!


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