Au Bon Pain!

It has been a couple of crazy days, and finally just got to blog about what we baked on Thursday and Friday. And you guessed it right...bread! More of it....

So what did I make again?..hmm...

Oh how could I forget,
french bread (yup! more of it)
beer bread

I am on ovvverloadd!

Lets start with the beignets, because they were probably my favorite!
So pillow-y and soft, coated in the best -cinnamon and sugar
Reminded me of the traditional fried dough or bombe style donut, but so different- more layers when you bite into it, and just so good, especially hot!

 The beignets before being fried
 Frying the beignets in oil
 Audrey frying and eating- we are all pretty happy!

 Yummy beignets!

On to croissants, so I told you we had to start them the day before and did the first few turns on the dough. Now we did the final turn, fold and roll out and we were ready to cut and roll up our croissants.
Here they are:

 Rolling the cut triangles for out croissants
 Egg washing before the final proof
C'est Fini!

Now, danishes are a similar dough as the croissant, but slightly different. We made almond pear danishes. Here are some photos of us rolling and folding our dough like with the croissant and then cutting and shaping the base for our almond pear filling.

 Cutting our squares before the final shape
 The shape of our danish without filling
 Filled raw danishes

Now, how many of you love waffles?

I can honestly say I have never been a waffle fan, I would always take pancakes or crepes over a waffle any day!
Hahaha..let me tell you, these waffles we made, have changed my life!
I have never tasted anything so light, airy and crispy all at the same time. And all we did was dust them with confectionery sugar after, I can only imagine what they would be like sandwiched with vanilla ice cream. A Belgium classic, these waffles will all make you run for seconds!...maybe even thirds.

And the crispy bits, are the best little snack!...we would know...trust me lol

We also made a beer bread-
A white bread with rye flour and a beer topping.

And more French bread, only this time, we made the couronne (crown shaped), fougasse (the ladder) and epi (resembling the ear of wheat)...so light and only 4 ingredients in bread people!
Throw out your store bought bread and hit an artisan bakery.

Photo courtesy of Cristina!

More to come...one more week of bread and breakfast pastries. A few things to look forward to,
chocolate and almond croissants, kugelhopf and more french bread!

Nighty Night!

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