Probably why we all feel a little on the heavy side...

Gabby Glucose! Nice:)

Continuation of the Entremet :)

Good Evening Readers,

So I have more entremets to present to you all from last week..yum!

Lets start off with the pithivier..not an entremet per se....but rather more like a pie.
Two disks of puff pastry filled with a sweet or savory filling, in our case sweet, frangipane (almond cream and pastry cream).

Big Wang diving in!

And...what did we do with the extra puff? Discard? Of course not....we made apple turnovers...
Baked! so flaky and sweet!

Next is the Raspberry Silk Cake...
A layer of Hazelnut crunch, Hazelnut Dacquoise, Raspberry Gelee and Creme Fraiche White Chocolate Mousse! yeppp...
 Ready to spray!

 Chef Dimitri prepping the airbrush
Finished product!

Caramel Mousse Cake-
Hazelnut/Almond Dacquoise, Candied Hazelnuts, Caramel Cremeux, Mousse and Caramel Glaze
 Filling for the cremeux layer
 Assembling the entremet
 Heather cutting the Dacquoise

 Glazing the cake
 First pic of me in the uniform! Not excited about it lol
Deliciosa! Celebrate Life!

Last but not least...
Pistachio Sour Cherry:
Pistachio Dacquoise, cream and glaze with sour cherries and cremeux with granola base.
 Piping the dacquiose
 Filling the cherry cremeux into flexi molds
Time to eat! Gorgeous!

So sadly this week is exams! But I will be sure to blog if anything interesting happens!
Hope I didnt make you all too jealous tonight....
Sweet Regards!


The Art of Entremet

Hello All! Last week I did not get a chance to blog, so tonight is overload!

We are on week two of cakes/entremets.

First off, what is an entremet? or what does entremet mean?

Entremet translates to "between servings". Dishes that were intended to be eaten as well as entertain can be traced back at least to the early Roman Empire. In the 14th century entremets began to involve not just eye-catching displays of amusing haute cuisine, but also more prominent and often highly symbolic forms of inedible entertainment.

Today entremet, the term is used to name mousse cakes or cakes with lots of layers and components.

So far we have made 3 entremets. 

Coconut Passionfruit Cake
2  layers of coconut dacquoise ( a think layer of meringue and nut flour), passionfruit mousse, candied pineapple and coconut mousse

 EXPRESS YOURSELF- as Chef Dimitri says!
 So pretty!

Audrey loved this one:)

Next one:
Honey Nougat Mousse Cake
2 layers of pistachio dacquoise, apricot passionfruit gelee, honey nougat mousse and dried fruits and nuts.

 Chef spreading the dacqouise
 Heather with the baked dacqiouse :)
 Let the layering begin!

 Yummmy...like a traditional nougat or torrone, as we like to say in Italian
The last one was an award winning cake from 1997
Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake

1 layer of hazelnut dacquoise, 1 layer of chocolate biscuit, chocolate and hazelnut mousse and caramelized hazelnuts.

 Hazelnut dacqouise with candied hazelnuts
 Baked chocolate biscuit
Filling the last layer.

Now for the decoration on the chocolate hazelnut cake- a chocolate mirror glaze coats the whole cake and we topped the cake with chocolate decorations made by chef Dimitri, which we will be learning in chocolate class very soon.

 Un-molding the cakes
 Glazing the cake with chocolate mirror glaze

 Chef Dimitri's cake
 My cake
 Crystal's cake

Alexa's cake

Come on back this week...we are making more puff pastry and started components for our Raspberry Silk Cake.
Lots more love to come...



St.Honore, Mille Feuille et Chocolat Nougat Tart!

Today was a happy day...D
I think I made the ladies in my building very happy as well when I adorned them with all my goodies.

Lets get to it...
First things first, we had to get a nice glaze on our puff pastry with confectionary sugar for our Mille Feuille.

Then we assembled our Mille Feuille..
Mille Feuille translates to thousand layers or sheets...or also called napoleans. 
We cut them into different sizes and layered three layers of puff with pastry cream. Simple and tasty!

We made a chocolate pudding mixture for our chocolate nougat tart.
We filled the tarts, let them set in the oven for 5 minutes and then topped with pieces of chocolate almond nougat.

 So rich and velvety with a nutty sweet crunch!
On t the St. Honore, the God of pastry!
This cake is a true staple for the French and displays a Pastry Chefs true skills:
Puff pastry, pate a choux, pastry cream and cooked sugar!

Here we go....
 Filling our choux! We had big choux's to fill---Caracci! haha
 Dipped pate a choux in cooked sugar to add a crunchy texture
 Filling with creme legere- pastry cream and whip cream!
 Tac Tac!
 A mini:) I put the creme legere (pastry cream and whip cream) in the center and whip on the out

Life was good today!
Stay tuned to next week....entremets with Chef Dimitri!
So excited:)