St.Honore, Mille Feuille et Chocolat Nougat Tart!

Today was a happy day...D
I think I made the ladies in my building very happy as well when I adorned them with all my goodies.

Lets get to it...
First things first, we had to get a nice glaze on our puff pastry with confectionary sugar for our Mille Feuille.

Then we assembled our Mille Feuille..
Mille Feuille translates to thousand layers or sheets...or also called napoleans. 
We cut them into different sizes and layered three layers of puff with pastry cream. Simple and tasty!

We made a chocolate pudding mixture for our chocolate nougat tart.
We filled the tarts, let them set in the oven for 5 minutes and then topped with pieces of chocolate almond nougat.

 So rich and velvety with a nutty sweet crunch!
On t the St. Honore, the God of pastry!
This cake is a true staple for the French and displays a Pastry Chefs true skills:
Puff pastry, pate a choux, pastry cream and cooked sugar!

Here we go....
 Filling our choux! We had big choux's to fill---Caracci! haha
 Dipped pate a choux in cooked sugar to add a crunchy texture
 Filling with creme legere- pastry cream and whip cream!
 Tac Tac!
 A mini:) I put the creme legere (pastry cream and whip cream) in the center and whip on the out

Life was good today!
Stay tuned to next week....entremets with Chef Dimitri!
So excited:)


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