We are Tart!

Here we go...the start of a new section....a short section, only 4 days.

So what have we accomplished so far?

1.Baked fruit tarts
2. Lemon Cream tart
3.The start of inverted puff pastry

We have a new chef as our instructor this week, Chef Della Gosset

Lets get started...

Baked fruit tarts....figs, sour cherries and apricots! yum
A pate foncer was the base for our tart. Of course a buttery tart with an extra fine texture.
We filled the tart with frangipane (pastry cream and almond cream) with a combo of fruits.
My large tart was a fig sour cherry combo and the minis had apricots and sour cherries.
They were also topped with crushed almonds and powdered sugar.

Haha my tarts in a Dunkin Donuts box- I forgot to bring my tupperware..I traded a mini tart for a box! Works for me:)

We also started making inverted puff pastry for our St. Honore which we will finish Friday.
Almost like the croissant dough, but rather then enrobing butter with dough, we enrobed dough in BUTTER! Crazy! 6 turns get made to our puff pastry dough....

Chef Della demonstrating the steps to making inverted puff...come back to see how that turns out later this week!

Lastly, our lemon cream tart.
A nice play on the classic lemon meringue...which is made with lemon curd *which we will be making tomorrow*
This one is made with a lemon cream rather then curd and topped with meringue delight with sucre gran as the garnish.

 Piping teardrops with our mernigue
 Meringues flavored with vanilla bean and topped with sucre gran
 Our almond sablee tart baked unfilled
 Our 8 inch lemon tart complete!
A mini version to the large tart:)

Check out tomorrow.. more lemons....more tart!
Bon Soir!

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