Continuation of the Entremet :)

Good Evening Readers,

So I have more entremets to present to you all from last week..yum!

Lets start off with the pithivier..not an entremet per se....but rather more like a pie.
Two disks of puff pastry filled with a sweet or savory filling, in our case sweet, frangipane (almond cream and pastry cream).

Big Wang diving in!

And...what did we do with the extra puff? Discard? Of course not....we made apple turnovers...
Baked! so flaky and sweet!

Next is the Raspberry Silk Cake...
A layer of Hazelnut crunch, Hazelnut Dacquoise, Raspberry Gelee and Creme Fraiche White Chocolate Mousse! yeppp...
 Ready to spray!

 Chef Dimitri prepping the airbrush
Finished product!

Caramel Mousse Cake-
Hazelnut/Almond Dacquoise, Candied Hazelnuts, Caramel Cremeux, Mousse and Caramel Glaze
 Filling for the cremeux layer
 Assembling the entremet
 Heather cutting the Dacquoise

 Glazing the cake
 First pic of me in the uniform! Not excited about it lol
Deliciosa! Celebrate Life!

Last but not least...
Pistachio Sour Cherry:
Pistachio Dacquoise, cream and glaze with sour cherries and cremeux with granola base.
 Piping the dacquiose
 Filling the cherry cremeux into flexi molds
Time to eat! Gorgeous!

So sadly this week is exams! But I will be sure to blog if anything interesting happens!
Hope I didnt make you all too jealous tonight....
Sweet Regards!

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