Bombe Series

My series of small jelly doughnut paintings are another expression of self-portrait. They have a flesh like quality and are visceral. I hope for them to have a luscious tactile quality while demonstrating mass and grotesqueness. All oil on canvas.

An Endless Toil

For one of my last projects at OCAD university I put together a performance that explores  themes that discuss personal fantasy and desire, indulgence and self-restraint, phobia, beauty and the grotesque. Through combining the practices of cake design along with performance, I executed a performance piece with females interacting with sculptures of cakes and sweets through indulging and restraining. I illustrated my relationship and battle with indulgence to food using inedible materials to create works that have a sense of realism and believability, along with real cake to show loss of control of repulsive and secretive eating. 

Along with the performance as a short film, I made sculptural Rococo inspired wigs, cakes and pastries. I also explored photography through documenting the performance and framing several of my favorite photographs. 

                     Below are photographs from my critique:

Artist Statement

 My work investigates personal experiences, representations and stereotypes of the feminine and the female body. Referencing classical oil genre paintings, the beautiful and the grotesque are juxtaposed within my nude self-portraits and allude to the struggles of coping with body image.
 This ongoing series titled, “Gluttony: a beautiful dichotomy”, is an invitation to the viewer to explore and invade extremely private moments that discuss personal fantasy, desire, indulgence and self-restraint.
In one painting, the figure, surrounded by sweets, is contained in a fetal position reinforcing distress. In another, the figure gives into an act of pleasure on top of a table. In others, the figure is removed to allow the sweets to become the sole objects of desire.
My goal is to draw the viewer in by tempting them with the seductive surface of paint and alluring imagery, while simultaneously raising questions of excess and obsession and eliciting a range of emotion from hilarity to disgust.