Ice cream...pure love!

I knew you would come back for more...

Who could deny ice cream.
The last two days we finished our Vacherin and Made a Vanilla Parfait Bombe.

 Decorating the Vacherin with Chantilly cream, Meringues and Berries

 Chef's Vacherin
 My Vacherin
 Very nice Big Wang, Maura looking a little serious lol
Rosie decorating her cake

Now onto the Vanilla Parfait Bombe...
A dome of Vanilla parfait, Raspberry Coulis, and Chocolate Ice Cream, with a base of buttery almond sablee crust....very nice:)

 Filling our domes with Raspberry Coulis
 Next Vanilla parfait....time to blast freeze!
 Pop it out:)
 Coat the dome with chocolate ice cream
Pop it back in...
 Coast in chocolate ice cream and top with sablee crust
 Blast freeze, and voila!
 A dome:)
 Spray time....spraying with a fine coat of chocolate and cocoa butter
 Decorating with Meringue, Sablee cookies and French Strawberries:)

and...my cake below!
Ciao ciao for tonight..



I Scream you scream...we all scream for ice cream!

Well...not ice cream yet!
We have only made sorbets so far!!
But nonetheless delicious...

Pineapple Surprise
Pineapple sorbet, candied pineapple and raspberry coulis

 Cutting our Pineapple

 Filling with raspberry coulis and candied pineapple we made with simple syrup

Time to freeze and spin:)
so creammyyyy
True pastry chefs-piping our sorbet!
Isn't pretty:)?

Time to start the Vacherin! Pronounced (Vash-RAN)

A dessert cosisting of crisp meringue rings layered with ice cream or sorbet, chantilly cream and meringue decor and or various fruits.

 Layering Raspberry and Lychee

Bettina making an earl gray base:)

Tomorrow we will be finishing our Vacherins and spinning chocolate ice cream as well as many other flavors!!



Taste just like candy!

 The last few days of candy making was quite fun!!
So exciting....
Check it out!

Time to get the chocolate nougat done...

 Lollipop making time!
 Using the sauce gun to pipe lollipops
Using molds and the sauce gun to create organic shapes
 Pouring hot sugar to pull

 Pulling sugar adding air and lightning the color of the candy

Making soft pillow candies with molds and free hand with scissors
 Pralines are c'est fini!
 Jessica pulling sugar:)

 Maddy, my partner snipping her pillow candies.
 Chef Della's small set up of all we made during candy making class!
This wk is going to be awesome..ice cream and sorbet!!
Come back check it out!!