Ice cream...pure love!

I knew you would come back for more...

Who could deny ice cream.
The last two days we finished our Vacherin and Made a Vanilla Parfait Bombe.

 Decorating the Vacherin with Chantilly cream, Meringues and Berries

 Chef's Vacherin
 My Vacherin
 Very nice Big Wang, Maura looking a little serious lol
Rosie decorating her cake

Now onto the Vanilla Parfait Bombe...
A dome of Vanilla parfait, Raspberry Coulis, and Chocolate Ice Cream, with a base of buttery almond sablee crust....very nice:)

 Filling our domes with Raspberry Coulis
 Next Vanilla parfait....time to blast freeze!
 Pop it out:)
 Coat the dome with chocolate ice cream
Pop it back in...
 Coast in chocolate ice cream and top with sablee crust
 Blast freeze, and voila!
 A dome:)
 Spray time....spraying with a fine coat of chocolate and cocoa butter
 Decorating with Meringue, Sablee cookies and French Strawberries:)

and...my cake below!
Ciao ciao for tonight..


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Meyan Yeung said...

Thanks for showcasing your cakes. I am very interested in the chocolate spray gun. Please advise the brand / where to buy it.