Sugar Overload..getting delirious!

So continuing on with sugar confections..
we are having a ball! Not so stressful and the sugar is making us bounce of the walls!
cough cough...Jessica!

Lets go...
Raspberry gums- a gummy candy !
 Boiling our sugar and fruit puree
 Casting our candies in flexi molds
 Dusting in cornstarch and rinsing in water to create a shiny non stick sealed surface
Time to dry overnight!

 Coating the last 2 coats of our Almond Pralines in the panner
 Fun stuff..i want one!

Time to coat in a seal to make shiny:)
 Cutting our Nougat...
 and packaging:)
 Wrapping Caramels..
and more Nougat!
 Green Mojito Mint Candies
 Pouring our syrup into our sauce gun
 So pretty and yummy...life time supply of mints!
Jenny likes my strawberry marshmallow pop! :)
Tomorrow, lollipops and salted pecan caramels:)...and chocolate nougat....
Hope your all enjoying your Thursday evening...I know I am!


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