Plated Desserts-A whole other world!

So I know its been a while, it been a busy couple of weeks.

I wanted to do a run through of some of the plated desserts we made over a 2 week period.

Here it goes...
Roasted Pineapple -mango sorbet and tuile
 Pear Hazelnut Financier -ice cream and pear chip
 Vanilla Bean Souflee-divine!
 Vanilla Chiboust with lemon madeleine, strawberry compote and tuile
 Papillote with baked fruits and strawberry sorbet with caramel tuile
 Red Plum stew-spice ice cream and tuile
 Creme Caramel-chantilly cream and berries

 Crepe Suzette
 Citrus Soup
 Cappucino Creme Brulee-chocolate cream and nut biscotti
 Almond Flan / Panna Cotta-fresh berries and tuile

The last 3 wks of plated desserts and exams have been exhausting..today we begun chocolate! Getting excited to work and learn with this new medium:)...stick around for new updates and info about something I think everyone loves...chocolat!


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