More Lemon...More Tart!

Today we made another lemon tart....
This time with a lemon curd which consists of less butter and more egg than yesterday's which makes for more of a "tart" taste.

We then made an Italian meringue and piped those teardrops once again in a circular pattern....and torched it...smelt like yummy toasty marshmallows. :)

 Piping teardrops with our Italian Merigue
 So pretty:)
 Abby piping her tart
A little baby!....I loved it...but gave it away haha

We continued with our puff pastry again...
we rolled it out for its final roll, docked the dough and chilled it until ready to cut.
We then cut the puff into circles for our St.Honore cakes and pastries which then we piped pate a choux on top which is the way a traditional St. Honore cake is made. We also took the rest of our choux pastry and piped puffs which we will bake tomorrow and assemble around the cake. It is going to be delicious...and if it that is not good it is going to be filled with a pastry cream/whipping cream combo. yum!

I am so physced for tomorrow, please come back and check over the weekend to see how my St.Honore's turned out..:) And if that doesnt get you, then maybe the chocolate nougat tart will....or just maybe the mille feuille is more of your thing! Yup we are making that too!

Nighty night pastry Gods!


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