Our lives are so tough...can you tell?

SO today was an eventful day.

Loaves of bread, lemon pound cake, the start of crossiants and prep for beignets!
Could life get any better? well maybe a little fatter! haha

So here we have our lemon pound cake- meaning 25% of each, butter, flour, sugar and eggs=deliciosa!
This one is for you mamma....too bad you cannot indulge with a nice cafe.

After we made our lemon pound cakes we went on to making our poolish for our beignets- which we will be finishing tomorrow, and from what I hear, they are supposed to be amazing! But lets get real here...nothing is bad! It is all good...which is a big problem:o lol

Here we have Rosalina, my partner for the next two weeks scaling some dough for our French bread.
We made our French bread into the shape of batards- do you know why its called a batard?
We are not too sure, but it definitely means "bastard" when translated! haha, maybe it was the neglected one because its not a baguette and not a boule (round)....its a batard!
I dont really care what it is called, because nonetheless, it was good.

Here is the process from rolling the dough, to proofing, to the baked product!

Now onto the croissants.
Hold your breathe! That is about how much butter goes into the making of 20 croissants!
All worth it though! :p

 See its all gone now, Chef Jonathon hid it, know one will ever know! Bon Appetit!

We were not able to complete the crossiants today, we started rolling and folding them, twice precisely, but tomorrow we complete the folding and rolling and shaping and BAKING and EATING! lol
We have started with plain croissants and will be making almond next week along with pain au chocolat.

Tomorrow! Beignets, the start of danishes and beer bread...im sure it will be a good one!
Keep on coming back...:)


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Serg said...

Looks super dee-lish! Can't wait to taste.