Bonjour Pain de Mie!

Wowie! I dont know if your all excited but I sure am!

We have started breads:)
Today we made Pain de mie (toast bread)..medium-soft crumb and slightly sweeter than your average bread. Quite easy to make actually, taking about 20 minutes to mix and a total of 1 hr to proof total.
The dough yielded 3 small loaves.

The French way of making bread is the artisan way= no magic powders = aka all the preservatives!!
The main ingredients and really the only four ingredients should be Flour, Salt, water and yeast. 
Those ingredients will make the best bread in the world:)

We also made the start for the brioche. What a workout! 25-30 minutes of pulling and stretching (kind of like the bend and snap!) haha...
We also work the dough with a term called "la soufflage". Below are photos of the technique.
Normally, we make the dough in the machines but today we did the brioche by hand to learn- but sadly we were not able to bake it just yet, it has to sit in the cooler overnight--so hold your breathe till tomorrow---- I dont know about you but brioche is my favorite- maybe because its 50% butter to flour :o Yikes! Hit the gym afterwards!!

Below you will find pictures of our beautifully baked Pain de Mie- which we took home warm- and yup! I made a grilled cheese sandwich with apple smoked gouda-
Life is Good!!

Night all! Come back for more tomorrow....its going to be exciting:)

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