More butter, more croissants, more brioche...they just love it!!

And so do we, apparently!

A twist to the regular croissants that is, almond! Yum.
We slice opened our regular croissants,brushed them with an almond sugar syrup, then filled them with almond cream and topped them with delicious sliced almonds.


We also made a special request from Cristina, pain au raisin.
In France, it is typically a variant on the croissant made with a leavened butter pastry, with raisins added, shaped in a spiral with a pastry cream filling.
Very nice, and a new fun method.

We also practiced brioche again, as we did with the toast bread and the beer bread...
I am sure because it will be on our exam next week.
This time though we shaped our brioche differently, which was fun.
We go to make braids :)
So pretty once complete.

We also started our levain today!
A "starter" for our sourdough.
I would of never thought a sourdough was so difficult to make, it is like a baby!
Needing sometimes up to 2 feedings a day...of bread and flour that is.

So come on back tomorrow to see our regular sourdough and multi-grain sourdough..
im looking forward to that...grains..finally!


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