Last Hooray for Bread!

On our last and final day of making bread we finished our sourdough, made country bread and brioche bostock.

Sourdough probably the most difficult bread to make..ok maybe not difficult, but time consuming and requires quite a bit attention to keep the starter/levain alive. Without a healthy levain, forget about it!

We made regular and multigrain- delicious- probably one of my favorite of the breads. 

Country bread is another bread where we were able to make different regional shapes.
The different shapes include:

- Couronne Bordelaise

Brioche Bostock is the use of day old brioche, which is then cut into slices, brushed with an almond orange blossom sugar syrup and topped with almond cream and sliced almonds....and then baked!
What a mouthful.
We actually do not know why it is called bostock, although we know its a  tradition in Alsace.
Im telling you, it is like a new french toast for me...so buttery, crunchy and the taste of rum is so light but yet adds so much flavor.

So I lied, bread is not completely finished, we have our exams next week!
Which means we have a written component, and then we have to make roughly 8-9 recipes from the petit fours and bread sections. So more bread for exams!

Stick around for Monday- we are watching a master chef demo from Chef Pierre!
Should be exciting and a nice break to working!


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