Reptition is key!

Hello all!

They really want to make sure that we try certain recipes multiple times so we can get it down to a sciene.

I am good with that....with that being said, today was filled with yummy meringues.

We made more macaron shells! Pink this time ( and hearts too) You totally can tell its a class filled with 17 women. We will be filling our macaron with a raspberry filling we will be making tomorrow...

We baked our yummy chocolate financiers in the shape of bouchons (corks)...they are little delights and delicious warm if I may add.

We also made almond cream which we filled our almond sable (tart dough) with to make little almond pear tartlettes. We topped them with small pieces of poached pears and once baked topped with a mirror glaze and chopped pistachios. They are yummmy and really cute too..
Myself and my partner  made ours into little boat shapes rather then the demo which was round.

If that was not enough we had to make meringue delight..again!
This time I was pretty happy with my mernigue and we learned some new piping techniques as well. 


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