Back to Basics

This week was our first week in the kitchen and I could not be happier to get out of the classroom and into the groove of things.

What was on the menu?
The Basics.

Egg wash

Piping butter techniques-
some of the girls, including Jessica cannot get enough! She goes home and practices for hours...all the power to you girl! She will be better then all of us one day I am sure:)

Pastry cream
Almond cream (frangipane)
Pate a choux
Sweet dough
Italian buttercream
Meringue delight

Today was the only day I documented photos from because the others seemed to be too simple.

Chef Dimitri showed us all he's got and at times frustrated with the recipes in the book, would do things his way! "non non non....se impossible" haha Sounds good to me.

Things to note: don't waste product, stay relaxed and be clean! 
                         Chef Dimitri demonstrating Pate a choux!

            A little looser then I normally make em...but still pretty!

                 How cute...I need to get that pastry cream in there!

Pate a choux and Meringue delights! How Exciting.

Pate a choux is a light pastry dough used to make profiteroles, croquembouches, eclairs, St.Honore cake and the list goes on. ooo..and ice cream would be delic inside these babies.
It is definitely a staple recipe for the French.

Made from just milk, water, flour, a pinch of salt and sugar, flour and of course eggs.
The process is quite interesting and I always thought they would be more difficult to make then they are, but of course each recipe requires attentiveness and some good TLC.

Onto Italian Meringue Buttercream, although I have made it this way before, I always stuck to the Swiss Meringue Buttercream for its efficiency and consistency. The Italian meringue, is the same ingredients with just a different process. You cook your sugar and water to 120 degrees c and add it to your whipped egg whites then incorporate the butter. Still tasty but I found it a little more airy, which is always nice in a cream.

Above I have attached some photos of myself and my partner, Rodney's goodies.  Go figure the only guy in my morning stream got stuck with me for 3wks! Poor guy lol
23 anticipating weeks to go....whats next?
Petit Fours!

Keep coming back for more pastry love and mouth watering imagery.
Night fans!

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