Blueberry Streusel Tarts

Today was a pretty relaxed day....

We made the batters for Financiers and Madeleines which need to sit overnight in the cooler before they are piped and baked, so stay tuned until tomorrow to read all about there history and how they turn out.

One interesting note though was we had to make beurre noisette (brown butter) for our Financiers (brown butter cakes). The nutty flavor filled the room.

So how do we make beurre noisette?

The process:
We boil butter passed the point of clarification. The water solids evaporate and the milk solids sit at the bottom of the pot- full of flavor and a brown nutty color. A delicious addition to lots of cakes and breads.

We also made bluberry streusel tarts....perfect for the summertime.

Sweet dough lined mini 2 bite tarts filled with a fresh blueberry filling topped with almond cinnamon streusel and icing sugar.  They were quite simple just a few extra steps to make them spectacular!

Today was probably one of the hottest days of summer, but that did not stop me from coming home to make 2 delicious raspberry tarts. I took that left over sweet dough and pastry creams and whipped up to easy breezy desserts....my cousin is the lucky one who got to take those home!

I know your jealous...

Tomorrow should be a pretty happy day: madeleines, financiers, macaron and possibly apricot tarts!

Looking forward to a new day!


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