Opera et Macaron

Happy Monday and Tuesday!

The last few days have required quite a bit of prep.

We finally made French buttercream (the buttercream that include egg yolks)...I would say more buttery but less sweetness compared to the Italian buttercream we made last week. We even added an almond and hazelnut praline. yum yum..

So with that being said, we filled our macaron. Which now have to sit in the cooler for 2 days before we can mangia! The cream adds moisture to the dry almond cookie allowing the macaron to be one complete bite, we wouldnt want our cream filling shooting out as we go to take a big bite.

We assembled are Opera cake with the layers of joconde (almond cake) we made on Friday and added layers of coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. A French version of the Tiramisu basically! This cake although a popular French petit four or petit gateaux is quite time consuming and let me say a pain in the ass to cut! Everytime you slice through the cake you have to wipe your knife in hot water for precise 1 x 1 inch sqaures. But I will say all the effort is worth it..they are beautiful once cut and make people smile:)

We went on to making chocolate espresso tartlettes. 
A chocolate sweet dough gets filled with an espresso filling, baked to set slightly and then gets enrobed in a chocolate shiny mirror glaze and we cant forget a garnish of cocoa nibs.
A nice balance on the palette, not to chocolate, not to coffee- all just very rich, dark and delightful.

Wow these last few days really were all about chocolate, nuts, and coffee- we even prepped financiers again. This time in chocolate flavor which we will be baking tomorrow- so come back soon to see those lovelies.

I hope your not salivating tooo badly at your computer screen, I promise only 5 more months until I can feed you all:)



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